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Episode 8

Type 2 and Type 9 in Relationship with Pat Bailey and Dee Irwin

Pat (2) and Dee (9) have been together 28 years and will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their Celtic Hand Fasting this October. Pat was born and raised in rural upstate New York and identifies herself as a teacher who has taught from third grade through the college level.  She gets energy from being with people, being in nature, and traveling – especially on her bicycle. Dee and Pat created Healing Ground, a day retreat center, as a place to offer hospitality to people seeking the sacred in the ordinary. Raised on a small dairy farm in northwestern Wisconsin by her grandparents, Dee is a life-long learner, avid reader and lover of games and puzzles.  She has been a teacher, retreat leader, spiritual director and conflict resolution consultant by profession, and an artist, writer and gardener by passion.  She enjoys travel, meeting people where they are, and discovering the blessings that each day holds. Both Type 2 and Type 9 have many similar tendencies and attributes that they bring to their relationships with each other. Both types are sensitive, pleasing, accommodating, helpful, focused on and responsive to others, and have a natural desire for harmony. Both also have difficulty knowing and expressing their own wants and needs, and setting limits.