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Episode 10

Type 3 and Type 5 in Relationship with Neil Gurney and Bill Kinard

Neil (3) was born in South Africa and started out his career as a military pilot, then moved to a career in advertising and became the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising for the continent of Africa. Neil immigrated to United States in 2002 and was hired by Mission Health and is now the Director of Operations at the Department of Philanthropy in Asheville. He has worked with Bill Kinard for the past 5 years. Bill (5) began his professional career working for a family-owned bank. In 1994, he was asked to assist his alma mater with raising funds for their athletic program, beginning his foray into the philanthropy industry. In 2003, Bill was recruited by Greenville Hospital System to serve as their Director, Philanthropy and Partnership of the Children’s Hospital and successfully oversaw the strategic direction of the Children’s Hospital philanthropic efforts. He came to Mission Health Department of Philanthropy in Asheville, NC in December 2014 as Senior Vice President, Philanthropy and President, Mission Health System Foundation. Both Type 3 and Type 5 are oriented to projects and accomplishments, unemotional, factual, and work well together or independently. Both also avoid feelings, can become inattentive to the relationship, and avoid or lose connection