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Episode 9

Type 9 with Joy McIver


Joy McIver is a practicing attorney in Western North Carolina. She became interested in the Enneagram more than 10 years ago as a tool for understanding herself and how she relates to others. Joy initially mistyped herself as leading with Type 2, but upon further reflection she recognized she indeed leads with Type 9. She now truly enjoys the deeper insight and guidance the Enneagram system provides in her personal and professional development. Joy grew up in central Kentucky as the youngest of four children in a fairly traditional household. She has over twenty years of experience as a litigation attorney in Western North Carolina, representing clients in civil court matters. Currently she specializes in the practice of marriage and divorce law. Joy is certified as a mediator in North Carolina for civil Superior Court matters. Additionally, she has obtained training in the growing area of Collaborative Law which also seeks to resolve disputes by agreement of the people involved instead of decisions by the court system.