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Welcome to Heart of the Enneagram. As students and teachers of the Enneagram for collectively more than 40 years, we are excited to offer our podcast and companion book for those who are seeking to take a deeper dive with this powerful resource. The Enneagram is a system that offers clarity about self, compassion for others, and insight into relationships. Learning the Enneagram wakes us up the habits and patterns of our lives and helps us recognize that we have the power to choose different ways to interact, respond, engage with ourselves and others. In short, the Enneagram is a tool for bringing more compassion and freedom in the world.

Because of our desire to share this deeper freedom – a freedom that each of us has known and continue to experience through this particular way of exploring the Enneagram – we created Heart of the Enneagram. Starting with a podcast that explores each of the nine types by inviting personal narratives from people who have discovered the power of this tool, we also decided to create a companion book to support a deeper engagement with the Enneagram.



The Heart of the Enneagram podcast and companion book are intended for those who already have some familiarity with the Enneagram and their type. If you find this podcast and companion book helpful in your personal and spiritual growth, please encourage others to subscribe to the podcast and purchase a copy of the book. As you listen, read, and reflect on the power of the Enneagram through the Heart of the Enneagram podcast and companion book, we invite you to look courageously and lovingly at what is.

Christopher T. Copeland, MDiv, JD, DMin, is an Enneagram teacher, spiritual director, and founder of Illuminating Paths, a practice of accompanying individuals and organizations on their journeys toward greater awareness, compassion, and freedom. A member of the Core Faculty for the Narrative Enneagram, Chris lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, with his husband Bernie. 


Sandra C. Smith, MDiv, is founder of AlchemyWorks and teaches and consults internationally. She serves as an active mentor and coach for Enneagram students seeking certification and is an accredited International Enneagram Association professional. Her background in business, non-profit management, and theology lays the foundation for her full-time work with the Enneagram, facilitating workshops, trainings, staff development, and team building. Sandra lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

Both Sandra and Chris are trained and certified in the Narrative Enneagram,

founded by Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD.