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Episode 4

Type 1 and Type 7 in Relationship with Sara Ardrey-Graves and Dixon Kinser

Sara (1) is an associate rector at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, working in the areas of adult education and newcomers.  She’s lived in North Carolina for most of her life, but in Winston-Salem just for the past three years.  She is a One on the Enneagram, and feels most connected to her type when she’s out in nature hiking with her dog or gardening, appreciating the goodness of the created world.  Dixon (7) is the husband of Kristin and father of Aidan and Quinn. He reads everything from academic theology to comic books, loves live music, exercising, and making short films. He makes his living as an Episcopal priest and is constantly looking for the sacramental connection between the kingdom of God and pop culture, often bringing the two together in his teaching, writing, and preaching. Oh, and he loves to play guitar. Both Type 1 and Type 7 bring idealism, self-reliance, desire for improvement, intensity and helpfulness to relationships. They also can insist on asserting their own position, act superior and appear arrogant.