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Episode 5

Type 4 and Type 9 in Relationship with Deb and Betsy Vingle

Betsy (4) was born with a natural skill set and passion for art in the form of painting and drawing that motivated her to study art in college. After a rough start at the UGA, she switched gears and majored in Nutrition/Biochem and went on to a 36 year career as a Chiropractor. In 1999 she rediscovered her creative passion through Process Art and has slowly recovered the connection to her soul. Deb (9) is a retired Social Worker who for many years worked in the field of violence against women and trauma more broadly. Her second “calling” has been as a yoga teacher, and she has enjoyed integrating yoga and meditation in working with seniors and special populations with mental health challenges. Deb has recently moved with her long-time partner to Black Mountain, where she is actively involved in her UU faith community and is enjoying a smaller community and a slower pace. Both Type 4 and Type 9 are empathetic, caring and feeling-oriented, and have a seeking quality and a deep desire for connection. They also tend to go inward, feel deficient, lose their impetus for action, and get lost in inessentials (Type 9) or in an experience of being lacking (Type 4).