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Episode 7

Type 2 and Type 6 in Relationship with Fran Newsom and Nancy Dunn

Fran (2) is a retired elementary school teacher of 32 years.  She has always been interested in knowing herself more honestly and spiritually.  The Enneagram has helped her tremendously in self-discovery and growing spiritually. Nancy (6) is retired after 40 years of owning and managing a small business.  She “found” the enneagram in mid-life and recognized it as a great tool for accurate self-observation.  It took her 12 years of intensive study with many teachers to realize I lead with type 6, not 8.  She has a passion for sharing the Enneagram with others and facilitates a monthly discussion group at her church in Winston-Salem. Both Type 2 and Type 6 bring warmth, sensitivity, an ability to accommodate and helpfulness to relationships. They can also be over-accommodating, feel put upon and pressured, and neglect their own well-being.