Season 3: Episode 5

Enneagram & Relationships

Season 3, Episode 5 – Type 4 and Type 9 in Relationship

 Deb and Betsy Vingle

Betsy (4) was born with a natural skill set and passion for art in the form of painting and drawing that motivated her to study art in college. After a rough start at the UGA, she switched gears and majored in Nutrition/Biochem and went on to a 36 year career as a Chiropractor. In 1999 she rediscovered her creative passion through Process Art and has slowly recovered the connection to her soul.

Deb (9) is a retired Social Worker who for many years worked in the field of violence against women and trauma more broadly. Her second “calling” has been as a yoga teacher, and she has enjoyed integrating yoga and meditation in working with seniors and special populations with mental health challenges. Deb has recently moved with her long-time partner to Black Mountain, where she is actively involved in her UU faith community and is enjoying a smaller community and a slower pace.